“When you take over a family business, there is a lot to think about. What was important to me was that Senior Housing Managers carried on the knowledge and legacy of smart decisions that was started by Chris Mason, our founder.

One area we needed to make new smart decisions was in managing our staffing challenges. We currently have 510 employees serving 600 beds. But several years ago, despite our best efforts, our turnover numbers were high, and we needed help.

After meeting Nick at the AHCA/NCAL Convention, we decided to partner with Compass Total Benefit Solutions. Our goal was to improve our employee retention rates. But, as many in our industry—including Nick—understand, it can be difficult to design a benefits package that is robust enough to retain employees without being burdensome for the employer.

Nick helped us through everything. He worked with our needs and helped us create a benefits solution that has truly helped Senior Housing Managers to improve our turnover numbers. On top of that, Nick identified several employer retention credits during the pandemic that will result in nearly $3 million dollars being returned to our business in cash.

I would recommend Nick and his team 100%. They go above and beyond the specific needs, and our partnership has exceeded our expectations for three years in a row.”

Carl MasonCarl Mason
Chief Operating Officer
Senior Housing Managers, LLC