Since 2012, Compass Total Benefit Solutions has been helping American Health Care Association/National Center for Assisted Living members find affordable employee benefits solutions. Today, the Compass team works with employer groups all over the country and enrolls thousands of employees like those at BeeHive Homes. We provide a competitive array of employee benefit options that add stability and predictability to the benefits world. To begin a conversation about your organization’s benefits, contact Nick Cianci at Learn more about Compass at

"When our company was going through a restructure, I decided it was time to take another look at the benefits we offered our employees. It’s more important than ever to create an attractive work environment for new and prospective employees, and our previous benefits package was too costly for our employees.

With nine different residential assisted living facilities across New Mexico and Nevada, it was important to me to take care of my own employees. I want to provide a way for my employees to feel empowered when it comes to their own financial decisions and their own healthcare. Working with Compass Total Benefits Solutions provided us that opportunity. Compass worked with us to create a benefits package that met our needs.

Each of our 110 employees met with a Benefits Coordinator in a one-on-one setting to get all of the information they needed about our benefits package. It made our employees feel comfortable and informed about the decisions they were making. It’s been a really positive experience for everyone.”

Gerald Hamilton  
Chairman, National Center for Assisted Living
Owner of Nine BeeHive Homes across New Mexico & Nevada​