​If your facility is facing increased staffing turnover, you’re not alone. Training consistency can be difficult and costly to maintain—there’s a solution to help you get it RITE, no matter what state your staffing is in.

Even though we are all living in a post-pandemic environment, where staffing is no longer in a state of crisis, it’s no secret that the health care industry is still struggling. Nursing homes continue to see upward trends in staff turnover, often impacting the ability to provide consistent quality care.

Dive deeper into the realms of skin and wound care, and you’ll find there aren’t always enough staff members with clinical expertise in this area to effectively manage risk, prevent skin breakdown, and treat existing wounds.

Clinical teams facing these challenges need the RITE tools and support, now, more than ever. Providing clinicians and caregivers with access to consistent products, training materials, and ongoing support can improve care quality and help to reduce bedside burnout.

DermaRite’s team of well-versed clinical experts have successfully trained thousands of clinicians across the country. The clinical team can help organizations navigate the complexities of skin and wound care with consistent, easily accessible, and setting-specific clinical training. While DermaRite products are acquired through most major distributors, the company still caters their level of support and attention to end users with boutique-style quality—all at an affordable value to your organization.

DermaRite builds customized tools that equip your most seasoned, veteran employees, as well as your brand-new hires, with the tools and information they need to provide high-quality care using reliable products. Working with DermaRite also unlocks access to over 100 online CE-eligible courses, powered by Relias Learning.

No matter what your turnover landscape looks like, DermaRite is ready to step in with the products and services you need to care for your patients and your staff confidently and appropriately.

Reach out today for products and support that can help you get the RITE care for your patients and the RITE support for your staff.

Kaitlyn Rios, PT, DPT, CWS, is a doctor of physical therapy, a Board-certified wound specialist, and currently serves as the vice president of clinical business development for DermaRite Industries. She has worked in the health care industry for the last decade as a bedside clinician and an effective, innovative operational leader. She can be reached at For more information on DermaRite, email or call 800-337-6296.