TapestryHealth recently created a simple but powerful info-graphic that illustrates many of the compelling reasons for including a fully integrated telehealth program in the medical infrastructure of any skilled nursing facility.  In some facilities this may be centered around on-site care providers, in others remote care providers, and in most a combination of the two. But whatever your reason for considering this service – improved care, improved profitability, improved CMS rankings, improved reputations, improved hospitalization rates, or something else altogether - you’ll find support for your argument right here.

TapestryHealth provides one of the most innovative, customized, fully integrated telehealth programs in the country.  In less than four years we have expanded from serving one facility to serving hundreds, representing thousands of total beds in more than 35 states. Our record speaks for itself, with documented reductions in hospitalizations of as much as 90%, and verified increases in reimbursements and profitability.  If you’d like to learn more about how telehealth can help transform your facility, please call me directly at (203) 666-8945, or email me at

Mordy Eisenberg is the co-founder and Chief Growth Officer of TapestryHealth, one of the nation’s leading providers of healthcare in skilled nursing facilities. Eisenberg is a LNHA and a volunteer EMT. 

Source Data for this info-graphic is available upon request.