Hospital Rapid Deployment Nurse Call Kits Released

RCare, a provider of nurse call and monitoring solutions for the entire spectrum of elder care and senior living, has released its Rapid Deployment Wireless Nurse Call Kit created specifically for emergency situations.

Designed for speed and ease of use, RCare’s Rapid Deployment Kit installs in only five minutes and offers a reliable, secure, 40-patient nurse call system in a box. RCare’s G4 platform provides best-in-class range to cover even the largest of campuses and deepen building penetration.

The plug-and-play system is preprogrammed by RCare’s expert technicians and ready for use immediately out of the box. It includes one small touchscreen server, one pendant for each resident or patient (up to 40), and four pagers. Only one internet connection is required, and no landlines are necessary. Easy step-by-step instructions and link to instructive video are also included.

The touchscreen console displays incoming patient calls with an audible tone. Patient beds are outfitted with clip-on placards that correspond to patient call buttons so caregivers know which patients are calling. The system can be deployed in only five minutes. Expansion kits are available.

The components integrate into a variety of health care communication systems to create efficient and verifiable responses to medical emergencies. RCare works together with distribution partners to build individualized, flexible, and seamless systems to enhance both caregiving and resident quality of life.

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Should an individual medical professional or organization find increased need to conduct telehealth sessions as a result of COVID-19 concerns, Monroe & Weisbrod has elected to make its proprietary telepsychiatry platform available to use for free. This offer is good for the foreseeable future for any health care organization that has need for it related to patient care.

The telepsychiatry platform is exceptionally easy to use and fully HIPAA/HITECH-compliant. It can be used on either a facility-based or direct-to-consumer basis. Monroe & Weisbrod is focused solely on the recruitment and staffing of psychiatric prescribers. However, amid the global coronavirus pandemic, the company aims to be of service to the organizations that serve so many during a time that may prove challenging.

Bo Claypool, founder and executive director of Monroe & Weisbrod, said, “As our nation continues to take every precaution necessary in protecting our population’s health, it is our belief that there may be an increased need for telemedicine in the coming weeks. As a company, we want to do our best to assist in efforts to keep our communities healthy and safe in any way that we can.”

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Cross-Platform Telehealth, Social Engagement Service Addresses Isolation

Uniper Care Technologies, a telehealth and social engagement company that offers older adults access to remote health care and connection to social groups, announces its new cross-platform service that enables older adults and at-risk individuals in isolation to connect and engage with health care professionals, access live and interactive health and wellness programs, and communicate with family and friends. The service is designed to help the at-risk, older adult population and health care systems cope and adhere with the new world order of extensive social isolation.

The Uniper service has an extremely accessible interface so that those not familiar with technology can use it easily. Uniper is already providing similar, evidence-based services to its current health partners and older adult members via an interactive TV that enables remote access to telehealth services, social groups, live and interactive programming, and connections to family and friends.

Uniper’s cross-platform service will provide seniors with numerous daily life and interactive community activities, recorded health and wellness programs, the ability to access telecare and connect to doctors and other health care professionals remotely, play games together, and the ability to hold video sessions with loved ones in real time.

The purpose of the new service is to create an affordable and scalable “remote community activity center” so that the older adult population can remain active and engaged. The goal is to help the isolated and at-risk population remain mentally and physically active and healthy as the normal rhythms of their lives are disrupted.

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