Lisa ReibsomeThe Heath Care Association of Michigan (HCAM) has welcomed Lisa Reibsome as its new director of communications. In this role, Reibsome will  be responsible for leading communications and public relations initiatives for
the association.

For 16 years, Reibsome served as director of communications for the Michigan Grocers Association and editor of the Michigan Food News. She has also worked with Michigan Townships Association and the American Hotel & Motel Association.

“With her vast communications experience, Lisa will be a fantastic asset to HCAM’s membership and the HCAM team,” said HCAM president and chief executive officer (CEO) Melissa Samuel. “She will be a valuable resource as we work to promote excellence in senior care by providing support, information, and advocacy on behalf of our members.”

Carma Matti-JacksonThe Washington Health Care Association (WHCA) Board of Directors has selected Carma Matti-Jackson as CEO. She has served as the principal of C.Matti Consulting for six years, and during this time has been a key contributor to WHCA’s legislative and reimbursement policy work.

According to WHCA Board Chair Nathan Dikes, president and CEO of Sunshine Health Facilities, “Carma is an excellent choice for the next leader of WHCA. She has been a thoughtful advisor and a strong voice for our sectors and will bring a wealth of knowledge to the position.”

Matti-Jackson has worked as a public servant for 12 years. She has been working with government regulations, budget, and finance since 2004. While she specializes in long term care and senior services, she also has experience in other social and health programs, as well as several publicly funded, non-Medicaid programs. She has worked on behalf of stakeholders in the development of a new skilled nursing facility Medicaid payment system and a new assisted living Medicaid payment system. Matti-Jackson represented WHCA by staffing a subcommittee of the Nursing Commission’s Long-term Care Workforce Committee and was instrumental in developing data-driven storytelling that has brought long term care workforce issues to the forefront.

“I am honored to continue to work alongside the team at WHCA to represent skilled nursing and assisted living providers throughout Washington,” said Matti-Jackson.

Kevin MorrisBaneCare Management, a trusted family name in senior care services for more than 60 years, has announced the change of ownership of its 10 rehabilitation and nursing centers and two assisted living communities to BaneCare’s current President, Kevin Morris.  

Morris has worked for BaneCare since 2017 and has more than 25 years of experience in long term care. He began his career as an administrator of a skilled nursing center in 1998 then assumed a regional director of operations role, where he managed 75 rehabilitation and nursing centers across seven states. Morris later purchased his own skilled nursing center in Gardner, Mass. After successfully selling that center in 2017, Morris joined BaneCare. Since that time, Morris has provided tremendous direction and support for the organization.

Richard Bane will remain chairman of BaneCare and will continue to play a pivotal role in the transition of the organization.
“With BaneCare’s rich history and promising future, I look forward to working with our talented leadership team and dedicated associates to further strengthen our company and the care we provide, while extending our success for years to come,” said Morris.

Matt NyquistMatt Nyquist has joined Lifespark as chief population health officer, leading the design, development, and management of Lifespark’s global risk products and market expansion to reduce costs and improve experience for seniors, family members, and providers.

Initially, Nyquist’s focus will be on process and structure bringing rigor around Lifespark’s scalable product, Lifespark COMPLETE. “Proving our model and delivering results that drive a better experience for seniors will be our biggest impact,” said Nyquist.

According to Joel Theisen, BSN, RN, Lifespark CEO, Nyquist has the expertise with value-based business models, products, and contracting for member populations in a range of product types including Medicare Advantage, Dually Eligible like MSHO, institutional and equivalent special needs plans (I-SNP and IE-SNP), and direct contracting. 

Prior to joining Lifespark, Nyquist was the chief product officer/chief information officer (CIO) for the Center for Digital Health with UnitedHealth Group – Optum where he led the design, development, and implementation of a new digital-first care model. He was also Optum’s CIO of Population Health, overseeing the technology division. ​